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  Yo! This is my awesome home of super cool stuff. Or maybe not.
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Bash Random

  CTRL+l: Clears your visible prompt
  ALT+BACKSPACE: Removes last word.
  CTRL+t: Swap last two characters.
  ALT+t: Swap last two words.
  CTRL+r: Search your command history.
  !! rerun last command.
  !text: rerun last command which starts with text.

Bash Job Control

  Type CTRL+z to send currently running application to background.
  Type jobs to view applications sent to background.
  Type fg [digit] to fetch application from background.


  :set number            Show you line-numbers.
  :colorscheme elflord   Best colorscheme ever.
  :split                 Split window horizontally.
  :e filename            open and edit filename.
  CTRL+w + j             Go to window below.
  CTRL+w + k             Go to window above.
  :374                   Go to line 374.
  u                      undo last change.
  CTRL+r                 redo last undo.
  v                      enter visualize mode, mark text.
  y                      copy (yank) selected text which have been marked with v.
  p                      output earlier copied (yanked) text.
  /some text             search for 'some text'.
  :%s/abc/def/g          replace all abc with def


  echo 3+4 | bc                            : calculate 3+4, does not work well with decimals.
  dd bs=4M if=/root/my.iso of=/dev/sdg     : write iso to usb (change sdg to match your usb-key device).
  grep searchtext *.txt                    : search for searchtext in your .txt-files.
  find / -type f -name name.iso            : search for a file named name.iso on your system.

Linux Logical Volume Manager

  pvdisplay                                : display physical volumes (size, phys hw, name, vg assigned, etc).
  vgdisplay                                : display volume groups (size, path, name, etc).
  lvdisplay                                : display logical volumes info (size, path, name, etc).
  vgchange -a y                            : activate your volumes so that you can mount them.
  lvresize --size +5G <lv path>            : increase logical volume with 5 Gb from associated volume group unused space.


  svn co     : Download (checkout) a copy of the repository path to your local machine.
  svn ci [file1] [file2]                  : Upload (checkin) your changes to file1 and file2. 
  svn log                                 : Show latest svn logs.


  rsync rsync://                     : Look in the path and see what's there
  rsync -avz rsync:// /local/path/   : Rsync (Archive (a), Verbose (v), Compress (z)) files to your local machine


  git clone git://git.repo.url/git/project    : Download git/project to your local machine.
  git pull                                    : Update your git/project from repository
  git commit                                  : Mark your changes so that push knows what do to
  git push                                    : Upload your changes to the git/project repository

Books that I have read recently

  Pro Puppet, by James Turnbull & Jeffrey McCune, ISBN 978-1-4302-3058-8
  How To solve almost any problem, by Alan Barker, ISBN 978-0-273-77049-7
  The Google Story, by David A. Vise, ISBN 0-330-44005-5
  Geekonomics, by David Rice, ISBN 0-321-47789-8

Books wishlist

  Practical Vim: Edit Text at the Speed of Thought

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